Infrastructure & Campus Life

Infrastructure for Excellence

Camellia lnstitutes are built on the belief that the learning environment must be wholly supportive or academic aspirations by ensuring that the best infrastructure and ambience. Each canpus is superbly laid out to provide an idyllic setting. Sports and culture is encouraged. The academic infrastructure 15 in true with the needs of modern needs.

Library & Book Bank

An institute is a storehouse of knowledge. Enthusiastic students require a massive collection of books to quench their thirst for knowledge. The central library houses over 23,000 Books about 250 journals of national and international repute, 82 magazines of relevance to engineering and management fields, major dailies, newsletters and a number of electronic on-ine-academic publications. The library has software based networking system and will soon have the multimedia support to further facilitate the learning experience.

All colleges have also established a separate Book Bank which has a collection of nearly 15,000 books. All colleges also subscribe to journals such as IEEE Computer, IETE Journal of Research, IEE Technical Review, Asia Pacific, Business Decision (IIM Kolkata), Journal of Information Science and knowledge of Education.

A Responsible Community

The Institutions attach great importance on the integrity of students on their academic work. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting future technocrats and executives. Students are required to maintaina high level consistency throughout their stay at the Institute. They are expected to work under considerable pressure as the courses are demanding in both their requirement of time and quality of output. Assessment in academic, extracurricular and other related programmes is continuous, varied and exciting. It emphasizes development of personal and professional competencies as also acquisition of knowledge, skills and appropriate attitude.

Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary action for misconduct includes imposition offine, exclusion from award of medals, prizes and scholarships, deprivation of placement opportunities and even expulsion from the course. The Institute also reserves the right to aska student leave the programme at any time in the course of the academicyear should the academic performance and general conduct as adjudged by the Institute be found unsatisfactory.