In a universe progressively boosted by technology, research is the basis of any nation’s economic growth. Camellia School of Engineering & Technology; Kolkata (CSET), has made intensive focus to line up its R&D effort with the global mark of achieving technological self-sufficiency.

UDVAWANI, the R&D Cell of CSET is committed to basic long-term research in frontier areas. The Research & Development cell was precisely developed in the college to run specific directorial and administrative support for the operation of distinct Research Projects, Novel Productions, Research Publications, Consultancy Works, Controlling Property Rights, Research Patents and other associated R&D activities. Over a decade, the college has set up many modern workrooms and incessantly supportive infrastructure through various projects. In an effort to emphasise research and development at grass root level, undergraduate & postgraduate students at the college are encouraged to inculcate their pioneer thoughts towards research while pursuing course.


Present Research Program

  • Advanced Deep Hole Drilling System
  • Eco-friendly AAFA Building Composite
  • Alternative Energy based power system
  • Lifting & Shifting technology of structure
  • Green building & Insight to Permaculture
  • Meta modelling of Air pollution

Technology Business Incubator

  • Tie up with Industry & MNC from Pan India
  • Collaborative research & Consultancy
  • Entrepreneurship unit
  • Industry Induction unit
  • Professional Development unit

Award & Achievements

  • More than 20 Approved Patents
  • More than 100 international publications
  • Enlistment in SCI/SCOPUS/Elsevier
  • Scientific Jnl. Reviewer ACI (USA) & WJE (UK)
  • Nomination in “Chaatra Viswakarma Award”-
  • All India Council of Engg & Tech. (New Delhi)
  • Participation in International Seminars
  • Organisation of National Level Seminars
  • Participation in Indian Science Congress Collaborative Program with IIEST, JU & etc. Affiliation from Institute of Engineers (India), Council of Engineering & Technology (India),
  • Indian Institute of Mining (India),
  • Institute of Engineering & Design (London)

Technology Business Incubator

  • College Sponsored High Impact Research Projects
  • Sophisticated Instruments Facility
  • National & International Recognition
  • Undergraduate Research Award
  • Technology Business Incubator
  • Technology Business Incubator
  • Laboratory Safety
  • Travel Assistance
  • Due Emphasise to MOOCs, NPTL, EDx, Coursera etc.
  • Participation in National and International Conferences, Symposiums and Seminars etc

The college has been giving due importance to jobs of varied nature like process & product development, trouble shooting, design methodology and study of various socio-economical aspects of direct relevance to our national needs through its Center of Excellence UDVAVANI.