Vision & Mission


With the said vision in mind or motto shall not only be imparting world class scientific and technical knowledge amongst out students through our dedicated faculty but also to lay emphasis on disseminating knowledge among them through seminars, exhibitions, discussions and participation in debates in other Institutions as well as training in Industrial Houses / Projects. Emphasis will be given to character building and discipline. Sports and Games will be made compulsory for this purpose in the academic curricula. CSET encourages and welcomes students of different countries, who cutting across the boundary of geographical barriers shall enrich their countries culture, understand each other in a better way and pave the way to world peace in the long run.



Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man , proclaims Indian Philosophy. For this purpose a teacher is to remove all obstructions from the way. The obstructions when removed will manifest in the development of complete personality, complete perfection. Education in this spirit, not only enriches the human mind but also enables one to stand on his own feet. With this end in view , CSET shall thrive for imparting such man making education whereby our students can be ideal citizens to face the ordeals of life displaying flair of courage, character and leadership.


Quality Policy

We at CSET aspire to establish a system of quality education which would on a continuous basis evaluate and monitor the quality of education and training imparted at the Institute, improved teaching – learning process and ultimately develop the Institute as a Center of excellence.

CSET Quality Policy